Jan 23, 2018

The Locals’ Foodie Guide for the Bedok Cycling Network

Cycling around Bedok just became easier and safer with the full opening of a 13km cycling network in January 2018. It also means more convenient access to nearby amenities, attractions and delicious bites.

Move Happy interviews some of the residents living in Bedok and nearby who share some of their thoughts on the new cycling network while introducing their favourite eats. You can also view the map below to check out more places of interests and tasty eats peppered around the cycling network.

Map of the Bedok cycling network

Sheimy, Bedok Resident

Sheimy, an avid cyclist and mother of a lively 7-year old daughter, has many exciting and fond memories of past cycling trips, not just in Singapore, but even in countries like Taiwan and China. It is a hobby that she has shared with her daughter – bringing her along for cycling trips in Malaysia and London and eventually teaching her to master the 2-wheeled device by the mere age of 5.

A kid and her parents halting on a cycling path
Sheimy with her daughter and husband (Wang family)
A father poses with his kid seated on the bicycle
Wang family’s cycling trip in Ipoh

On her thoughts about the new cycling features in Bedok.
“There are definitely some useful safety features incorporated in the network. The new bicycle crossing, for instance, helps to separate the cyclists from the pedestrians, making it safer especially for the elderly and small children when crossing the traffic light.”

Sheimy and her family’s recommended place to visit along the Bedok cycling network?
“Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar carries a good variety of interesting ice cream flavours and beautiful desserts for those with a sweet tooth. Their signature dessert – Charcoal Waffles with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce, is always a crowd favourite.”

Desmond, Bedok Resident

A Singaporean standing on the cycling path with his bicycle
Desmond using the red cycling path in Bedok

Desmond has chalked up a fair bit of cycling mileage since the age of 8. He sees cycling as a form of leisure that not only allows him to exercise and keep fit, but also to socialise with like-minded individuals who share the same hobby. Some of his favourite cycling places include Changi Village and Gardens by the Bay.

On his thoughts about the new cycling features in Bedok.
“The widening of the pavement and dedicated cycling paths reduce potential conflict between pedestrian, cyclist and other PMD user. This makes commuting within the estate friendlier.”

Desmond’s recommended place to visit along the Bedok cycling network?
“The cycling path actually takes you near to the hawker centre along Bedok North Street 1. This is where you can check out the Nasi Lemak from Hon Ni Kitchen, one of my favourite dishes in Bedok! The fact that it has two stalls in the hawker centre, one to prepare ingredients and another to serve customers, is a perfect testament of its success and popularity within the Bedok crowd. I recommend trying their popular handmade chicken otah which is both flavourful and silky smooth.”

Yew Chin & Min Lin, Tampines residents

Yew Chin, who once resided in Bedok before moving to Tampines 30 years ago, brought his daughter down to Bedok to check out its new cycling network while enjoying some delicious bites. Aside from enjoying regular leisurely rides with a group of cycling enthusiasts, Yew Chin also commutes to work on his bicycle every alternate weekend. Interestingly, he only picked up cycling in his twenties when he saw his colleagues getting to work on their bicycles. This sparked his interest in mastering the two-wheeled vehicle, and eventually assimilating it as part of his commute and leisure time.

A father and daughter enjoying some delicious bites on the Bedok cycling network
Yew Chin and his daughter, Min Lin

On his thoughts about the new cycling features in Bedok.
“The bicycle ramp is a very practical feature for cyclists, especially those who might find it difficult to carry their bicycles up and down the stairs, such as the elderly or children.”

Locals using the bicycle ramp
Yew Chin and his daughter using the bicycle ramp

Yew Chin’s recommended place to visit along the Bedok cycling network?
“If you’re craving for some old-school treats, take the cycling path along Bedok North Road or Bedok Ave 4 to head towards Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery for its handmade kuehs. The number of shops selling handmade kuehs have been declining in Singapore so it’s heartening to know that such shops like Lek Lim are still around! Otherwise, if you’re up for more fusion flavours, my daughter has recommended Bedok Marketplace as a worthy destination, too.”

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