Sep 8, 2017

Falling in love with the PMD after deciding to trade heels for wheels

In Singapore, personal mobility devices like e-scooters are getting more popular than ever. However, contrary to popular perception, PMD riders are not just boys with toys – plenty of women are also jumping on the active mobility bandwagon.

Since 2015, PMD sales have doubled every quarter and there are now an estimated 30,000 PMD riders on Singapore’s streets, according to a report in The Straits Times. At the same time, the number of women-exclusive PMD events have also grown. Recently, there was the ladies-only “Heels for Wheels” event where female PMD enthusiasts had a chance to compete and bond over their shared hobby.

With the convenience and portability of PMDs, women are finding more creative ways to integrate active mobility into their lifestyles. Scooter outings present a perfect opportunity for mothers to bring their families out on a fun, active family day! Even corporate superwomen can be seen zipping around the Central Business District. Here are three women who have found a way to make PMDs an inseparable part of their lifestyles.

Dixie Sng, 29 (Corporate Trainer)

Electric Scooter Model: E-TWOW S2 Eco

Dixie’s journey with the e-scooter first begun when her fiancé suggested an e-scooting date. Since then, the carefree sensation of wind blowing through her hair has had her hooked on e-scooting. For Dixie, scooting is not merely a form of leisure – it is also a means of convenience. She now makes it a point to take her e-scooter with her whenever she runs errands around the neighbourhood. This is because it helps her to save time and get her to her destinations, without having to break a sweat.

Laila Sahputri (Marketing Assistant Manager)

Scooter Model: Hudora Big Wheel GS205

Ever since Laila purchased her manual kick scooter in 2015, it has become an integral part of her life. On her way to work and back, she uses her scooter for her first and last mile travel to the nearest MRT station. In fact, meeting up with friends around the neighbourhood has also become a breeze. Laila finds that scooting around encourages her to be more active in contrast to her sedentary life, and helps with keeping her in shape. Laila enjoys participating in PMD events such as iWheel4Fun, which she thoroughly enjoyed last year. With her trusty scooter in tow, she is also looking forward to put her scooting skills to the challenge at iWheel4Fun’s upcoming event this September.

Melissa Leong, 21 (Paramedic)

Scooter Model: INOKIM Light

A paramedic by profession, Melissa works irregular hours and often fails to catch the last train/bus home. Because of this, she decided to pick up the e-scooter as a convenient commute alternative. She zips around on her e-scooter at least 5 times each week – for both work and leisure. In her spare time, Melissa puts her scooting skills to good use, as she delivers part-time for UberEats on her e-scooter. She prefers lighter PMDs like her e-scooter over bicycles, as she feels that they are more convenient to carry and keep.

Dixie, Laila and Melissa will be scooting their way down to iWheel4Fun, Singapore’s largest personal mobility device carnival on Sept 9.

With more than 3,000 expected participants and more women scooting, this year’s iWheel4Fun will be bigger and better than before. This year’s event will also include a range of family friendly activities. There will be a fun circuit for children between 2 and 5 years old to test their skills on no pedal balance bikes and an e-scooter obstacle course where parent-child teams can learn about safe riding practices.

Children practicing their riding skills at an obstacle course.

To top of it all off, after a jam-packed day of activities, iWheel4Fun will congregate all PMD users, owners and enthusiasts for the Singapore Book of Records attempt for the “Largest Gathering of Personal Mobility Devices”.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your trusty PMD and head down to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal on Sept 9, from 10am to 6pm, for a fun-filled day of obstacles, challenges and workshops!

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