Jul 6, 2017

6 cool bicycles for the everyday superhero

With global warming, climate change and rising sea levels, the world really needs a hero.

Unfortunately, Captain America doesn’t exist in real life and Batman refused to answer my emails. So I need you, yes you, to step up and save the world. It’s simple, you don’t need X-ray vision, psychic powers or claws forged from adamantium. To save the environment, all you need to do is cycle.

Unlike cars and other forms of motorised transport, bicycles are powered by our human bodies and they do not emit greenhouse gases – one of the main causes behind global warming and climate change. The planet will feel cooler thanks to your efforts while you’ll look cooler and more stylish atop these beautiful bikes.

Time to go green

Here are some carbon-neutral, two-wheeled gear for the everyday superhero.

For the eco-friendly ninja warrior

A high-quality road bike from Kawasaki

Kawasaki BicyclePhoto

Kawasaki is a brand most well-known for its high-powered Ninja motorcycles. I bet you didn’t know that this Japanese purveyor of superbikes and jetskis also makes high quality bicycles – for those who get their adrenaline rush from saving the environment.

Available online at, the Kawasaki Bicycle is a high-quality road bike made with the finest components. The bicycle frame is made of an aluminium alloy that’s light but tough. The bicycle’s parts are highly-rated products from Shimano – the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle components.

In addition to its technical virtues, the bicycle also ticks the style box for its quiet operation and striking blue trim.

Price: $440
Where to find: Available online at

For the hero’s love interest

A Holymoly Lady Doppio vintage styled bicycle

Holymoly Lady DoppioPhoto source:Hello, Bicycle

Pay attention, hipsters. Your cycling fantasies have just come to life.

With its classic good looks, the Holymoly Lady Doppio is a bicycle that will transport you to the country lanes of a simpler, happier era. Its stunning retro design boasts many a beautiful feature from times long past – chrome parts, a handwoven basket and a Brooks leather saddle from the English lads who have been making bicycle seats since 1866.

However, do not judge the Lady purely by its looks. She has substance to match that impeccable style. The bicycle’s front and back lights are efficient power-saving LEDs and its low step-through design allows for easy mounting and dismounting.

Price: $1,150
Where to find: Hello, Bicycle retail showroom, Byland Building, 135 Middle rd, #01-01, Singapore 188975, tel.6333-0054 Opening hours – from 11am to 9pm 7 days a week.

For the hero-in-TRAINing

A Shimano Hachiko foldable bicycle parked on a pathway

Shimano HachikoPhoto

In a crowded city like Singapore, less is more when it comes to bicycles. Luckily for us, Shimano makes a little bike that’s perfect for our little red dot.

Say hello to the Shimano Hachiko, a foldable bike that’s widely available online. At only 12kg, it is light enough to carry even if you skipped breakfast. The bicycle measures 1.4m when you’re sitting on it but it can be folded into half that length in less than 10 seconds, allowing you to bring the Hachiko onto public transport. Despite its diminutive size, its high-tensile steel frame supports up to 110kg.

The Hachiko is available in a variety of colours to fit your personality. You can have it in black, white, orange or a combination of all three.

Price: $229
Where to find: Available online at or

For the superhero with his own mountain fortress

A Trek Fuel bike for people who prefer off-road bicycles

Trek Fuel EX9.8Photo source:Trek Bikes

If you’re going off the beaten track, there’s no beating Trek.

In 1975, Trek was founded in a small bike shed in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Within three years of this idyllic birth, sales reached USD$3,000,000. Today, Trek bicycles are known for their superb off-road performance in more 90 countries worldwide.

Downhill or on a rugged trail, cyclists can enjoy speed, stability and comfort because these high-end Trek bicycles combine the best carbon fiber body frame with Trek’s advanced technology. The bicycle joints are armed with Knock Block technology for better stiffness while the bike’s Re:acktiv suspension is the same suspension used in Formula One.

Best of all, Trek doesn’t just produce the best mountain bikes that money can buy. Every unit is also customisable – you can mix and match to create a stylish, unique ride from the nearly infinite palette of colours on offer at Trek’s studio.

Whether you go for bubblegum pink or neon green, all eyes will be on you when you hit the slopes. So don’t mess up your landing!

Price: Upwards of $3,000, varying according to paintjob and accessories
Where to find: Treknology3 Mega Showroom, 14 Jalan Kilang Barat Singapore 159356

What if I want to go even greener?

We’re glad you asked. Compared to motor vehicles, all bicycles are emissions-free and environmentally friendly. But if you’re an overachiever who wants to take green-living to the next level, here are some bicycles that are even kinder to the environment.

For Captain Planet’s young sidekick

A foldable bicycle from Tern

Tern Verge N8Photo source:Tern Bicycles

Tern is an award-winning bicycle company that is famous for its dedication to environmental sustainability. All Tern bicycles contain about 10 per cent recycled aluminium in its frame, fork, main hinge and handle posts. The tyres are made by a company that uses its spare material for children’s playgrounds and the factory that manufactures Tern bicycle rims is solar-powered.

Even Tern’s trade show booths are made from salvaged shipping containers, which the company reuses time and time again for every show.

Tern makes a range of foldable bicycles but we recommend the Verge N8 Speedster for its good looks and discount price. Despite weighing in at only 11kg, the Verge is packed full of patented Tern technology like the Physis handlepost and the OCL frame joint, all of which adds stiffness to the bicycle for smoother, happier ride.

Price: $1,100
Where to find: For a list of local dealers near you, visit the Tern website.

For the Kung Fu Panda

A bicycle made out of natural, fast-growing bamboo

Bamboobee GreeniePhoto source:Bamboobee

It doesn’t come greener than this – a bicycle made out of natural, fast-growing bamboo.

Based in Eunos, Bamboobee is a Singaporean company that specialises in bamboo bicycles. The material has great compressive and tensile strength to begin with, but Bamboobee enhances this natural durability with its Honeywax Infused Technology and Graintech coatings.

If you’re still unsure about its viability in a bicycle, just check out the company’s history. SMU graduate Ah Sun Cheah founded Bamboobee after a 6,000km expedition around Central Asia on his self-made bamboo bicycle.

Bamboobee offers a diverse range of designs, but if you want to flaunt your greenness, you can’t go wrong with the “Greenie” bicycle. Just remember to keep it safe from hungry pandas.

Price: $1,399

Where to find: Bamboobee Main Studio, Singapore Handicraft Building
72 Eunos Avenue #02-06a Singapore 409570

Who says that helping the environment is boring and unglamorous? With these good-looking bicycles, you can save the world and save it with style. Whether you are cycling to work, buying groceries or returning your books to the library, being green has never been easier or more chic!

Just one thing – before rushing off to purchase your new bike, remember to check out LTA’s device criteria. Your bicycle should have a maximum width of 70cm and weigh no more than 20kg. Even superheroes need to respect the law!

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