Nov 16, 2017

4 key benefits of the latest e-scooter sharing services

The popularity and accessibility of co-sharing bicycle services in Singapore have encouraged more and more people to take up cycling and riding for their short trips and leisure. Now, we have e-scooter sharing services contributing to the growing transport-sharing trend in Singapore and providing more choices for people to live the active mobility lifestyle.

Here are four things we need to know about this latest e-scooter sharing service.

A couple scooting on their Personal Mobility Device (PMD)
Photo source: Facebook/Telepod

PMDs bring additional convenience

These lightweight Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) are increasingly available in the CBD, Singapore Science Park, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the one-north business district. According to information provided by PMD operators, there are over 9,000 registered users riding on more than 200 operational e-scooters. Access to these PMDs will increase as more units become available.

A website home page of an e-scooter sharing service
Photo source:Floatility

If you are working around the one-north business district and have never tried a transport-sharing ride, try the e-scooter sharing service Floatility, which began operating on 30 June 2017. Their e-scooters, dubbed “e-floaters”, will be available to new users for the first 30 days without any deposit or sign-up fees.

This will be a great opportunity for you to try out these 3-wheeled e-scooters and take advantage of the JTC’s efforts to promote a car-lite environment in the one-north business district. Various connectivity-enhancing initiatives such as the widening of footpaths and new
sheltered linkways will help provide a more comfortable environment for the usage of PMDs.

Another bonus to the convenience factor of these devices is that they also require less effort to use and store. Female users, especially, will appreciate how they can still easily hop on them, even if they are attired in dresses and heels.

The user interface of an e-scooter sharing mobile application
Photo source:PopScoot

Download an app and start e-scooting

The mobile-savvy generation will be glad to know that the use of e-scooting services are right at their fingertips. All it requires is for you to install the apps, register your personal details, and you can easily unlock the e-scooter via Bluetooth or a QR code. Your e-scooters can also be unlocked based on your GPS location. However, do note that some PMD operators like Neuron Mobility may require you to put a security deposit before using their e-scooters.

An e-scooter parking zone
Photo source:Facebook/Neuron Mobility

These e-scooters are packed with technology

Thieves beware – there is some serious technology built-into these e-scooters, like GPS tracking and alarm systems. If an e-scooter is stolen or being used inappropriately, it can be locked down remotely via telematic control.

Other technological applications include the use of geo-fencing technology to track whether if devices have been parked within designated parking zones. This means that users will continue to be charged until the e-scooters are parked at dedicated parking stations, making this a great deterrent for irresponsible parking behaviour.

Safety hazard signals on a walkway
Photo source:Facebook/Telepod

The operators want you to be safe and responsible riders

Operators of e-scooter sharing services have also taken measures to remind its riders to be safe while scooting. PopScoot, for instance, has listed “good practices” on their website for their users. Telepod, too, has posted photos of “common safety hazards encountered while e-scooting on the walkway” on their Facebook page to warn its riders of potential dangers.

Currently, some e-scooting companies, such as Neuron Mobility, have their devices’ speeds capped at 20-25km/h so that users do not give in to speeding and reckless riding. Neuron Mobility has even further collaborated with Ascendas-Singbridge to install docking stations across Science Park 1 to guide proper parking behaviours.

A couple commuting on their e-scooter
Photo source:Facebook/PopScoot

The convenience of using these e-scooters would be a major draw to users looking for a quick, simple solution to reach their destination. Operators, on their part, have taken the initiative to educate the public on the use of e-scooters in an effort to promote good riding etiquette and make every journey safe and enjoyable.

With all these great reasons, there is no better time for you to start trying out these e-scooter sharing services as an alternative form of transport.

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